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this chapter of adoption

This Chapter Of Adoption In Her Life Story

“Michelle, are you available today to assist a young woman with Birth Mom Support Services?  She is at the hospital now and in active labor.  She has been matched with a family through a mutual friend, but that happened very recently and they are coming from out of state.  There is nobody with her at…

She needed to place this baby

She Needed To Place This Baby

I received a call from a woman in an unplanned pregnancy.  Her voice was sweet and she seemed to be somewhat shy.  I will call her Mary.  I made arrangements to meet with her.  She was living in a motel and that is where I went to pick her up. Mary is brunette and pretty…

Unplanned pregnancy, abortion pill alternative

I just couldn’t do it, Miss Michelle.

I saw this post on FaceBook:   “I’m *&%$#^* pregnant again, with a !@#$%^& for a baby daddy.” The young lady who posted it, is dear to my heart.  I met her when she was going through a very difficult time in her life and our family tried to help her.  She spent her life in…