There is a long laundry list of reasons you should be drinking bone broth.

Bone broth is one of those things that suddenly began to be hyped as the magic elixir. Experts have given a whole laundry list of reasons as to why you should be drinking bone broth. They tout it for the natural collagen, minerals and amino acids that it provides.  They say that it helps alleviate joint pain, improves your skin and even causes you to look younger.  I like the fact that it is known to heal the lining of our stomachs and help with gut issues.  They say if you heal your gut, you heal your body.

Not wanting to miss out on all of these benefits, but also not interested in wasting my time with a gimmick, I looked further into the whole why should you be drinking bone broth movement.  I found that is not a new find at all.  There is a reason that your mom and grandma feed you chicken soup when you are sick.  Unfortunately, today’s opening of a can does not hold the magic elixir, healing powers that a good stockpot of homemade chicken stock and fresh vegetables, hormone free chicken and handmade egg noodles provided.  The base of this go-to soup is the stock… which in the good old days, was actually bone broth. This is one of those let’s go back to basics moments.

The secret to bone broth is simply to simmer the bones for hours.  This breaks down and brings out all of those healing powers from the bones.  In addition to minerals and collagen, bone broth contains two important amino acids, named Glycine and Proline.  Glycine helps in detoxification and aids our body to synthesize collagen.  It supports the healing of wounds and works to help release growth hormones.  Proline makes our cell structures stronger by tightening and building them.  Collagen heals leaky gut, reduces the appearance of cellulite and improves the strength of skin and vein walls. Why you should be drinking bone broth started to become really clear to me.

My first pot of bone broth was made by complete accident.  Every year I make soup from our Thanksgiving turkey.  A couple of years ago, I placed the left over turkey in my biggest stock pot, added garlic and onion, covered it with water and placed it on simmer for a planned few hours.  I got wrapped up in an unplanned work situation and had to let it simmer much, much longer than I had planned.  Yes, the bones broke down more than I was used to dealing with, but I simply utilized a colander to sieve through it. There was something about that soup.  My husband kept asking me what I did differently because our family loved it so much.  Come to find out that the soup base was actually bone broth, not a quick soup stock.

You can make bone broth from any kind of animal bones.  We like chicken and turkey, but have found a good grass fed beef bone broth to be deliciously healing, comforting and satisfying as well.  Bone broth can simply be a warm drink for you to sip on throughout the day.  I do this as I am on my own journey to healing my body and choosing to be healthy.   You can add other ingredients to it to make soup, curry or utilize it as a base for some of your other dishes. I will be sharing recipes here on the blog.  It’s seriously easy to make and hopefully you, too, can experience why you should be drinking bone broth. I’d love to hear if you’ve tried it and how it is helping you.

From my heart and home to yours, ~Michelle