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Hatching turkey poults
The Barn Turkey

Hatching Turkey Poults

I am sitting here writing, while my kids are surrounded around the incubator.  All eyes are on the hatching turkey poults!  We were given three fertile, Bourbon Red turkey eggs by a friend who has a small farm, too.

farm food
From Our Kitchen

Farm to Table

I will admit that there are weeks where I am crazy busy. I wish that I was like some of my friends that have menus totally planned out for months ongoing. I’m not. My menus are made up of meals that can be quickly put together and adaptable to my schedule.

Meet Glory
Family Matters

Meet Glory

The newest addition to our family came out of a Facebook message from a childhood friend. She had recently had a litter of Rough Coat Collie puppies that she was looking for homes for. In seeing their cuteness, I had…

prepare, goals
Family Matters


Ever since I was a young girl, I have felt inspired to set goals. Some were reached, while others fell by the wayside. Some were self -serving and others were set to serve the Lord and others. As I matured…

Growing Veggies from seedling

Growing Veggies From Plant Seedlings

Growing plants from seedlings takes a little more time and planning, but ultimately, it is cheaper than buying plants from a nursery.  Planting  plant seedlings also gives you more control over the variety of vegetable that you prefer because you…